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LANDarchitects + LANDplanners

our studio is comprised of a diversity of skill sets and backgrounds, culminating in a passionate team of creative professionals.

we are collaborators 

we are designers

we are creators 

Licensed Landscape Architects and

members of the American Society Of Landscape Architects



we offer LANDscape Architecture and LAND Planning services for projects ranging in scale from detailed site design to large master plan efforts, serving both public and private realms.


our successful involvement includes; early project conception and visioning, research and analysis, design and approvals, construction administration, through post completion review and analytics. 


our works incorporate progressive, environmentally responsible, informative, and creative solutions to support cultural health and economic vitality within mountain ski resort and waterfront communities. 


we believe our client is best served by a collaborative and objective design process to best meet the project goals.

we offer unique experience in special interest areas of recreation planning, public lands, wildfire mitigation, restoration, environmental planning, ski resort development, public transportation and high end residential design services.

we are driven by design and believe regardless of a projects budget, intelligent design is the most critical element in ensuring your projects overall impact, function and success. 


"My goal as a Landscape Architect and designer is to create spaces which affect people and evoke emotion, spaces which invite experience and interaction between people and their environment." -NAV

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